Compactor Filling System / Compactor storage system / Mobile filling Cabinet

The introduced compactor filling system is one of the hugely liked products of us, for its unmatched space saving potential. This compactor filling system is also illustrious as the compactor storage system and mobile filing cabinet in several industries, which we can design and develop as per your specification too. Our compactor filling system is made from the first-rate quality metal & fiber in order to convey excellent durability and long life expectancy, whilst design to proffer the utmost storage capacity to the end user. Our compactor filling system is outstanding for the industries where space is a major concern, as we have the thoughts and knowledge to save almost half of your floor space and deliver maximum storage capacity over the conventional shelving. Further, our compactor filling system is assured to be lightweight that entitles easy moving thereof and hence is also approached as the mobile filing cabinet in the market.

Our ready to ship compactor filling system is easy to fit in only one passageway and Interestingly, this storage cabinet is easily extendable by just adding a bay to the existing, making it a top performer among the industries. This standard range of the compactor filling system is extensively being used to carefully store all types of articles, including files, flat files, box files, books, docs, stationery and other parallel articles. Storage of these articles in our compactor filling system makes your task systematic, easier and faster and almost multiplies the efficiency of the end user. Factories, public & private sectors, hospitals, banks, offices, we have clientele from every segment and looking forward to serve many more segments to serve with our expertise and save their time as well as money.

The benefits of our Compactor Filing System:

  • Delivers excellent visibility of the stored articles
  • Makes your finding truly efficient and faster
  • Unblemished finish gives an aesthetic look
  • The system is integrated with a lock to secure your confidential documents
  • The light weight cabinet with rotating wheels ensures easy mobility
  • The fully covered design protects the articles from dust