Filing Cupboards are the most systematic storage system for office files. We as a manufacturer of MAXSTOR use best quality material and the most contemporary technology using international standards. A good filing cupboard is not only durable but should also make the most use of the available spaces and be completely secure.

MAXSTOR’S file storage cupboards offer twice the filing capacity of traditional drawers. They are the ideal solution where accessibility, space, and security are issues. All our designer filing cupboard manufacturer has a uniform, high-quality baked enamel finish on all sides. They are the perfect solution for even the most discriminating of tastes and file storage needs in your workplace environment.

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Key Features of Filing Cupboard

These following features in a filing cupboard give you a hard wearing storage unit that will last many years.

  • Space saving – This is a vital feature that most offices want their filing Cupboard to possess. A space saving Filing Cupboard would be one that utilizes the least amount of floor space while providing increased storage space. These can usually be found in vertical filing cupboard as they allow storage of numerous files at one time.
  • Durable – Filing Cupboards are meant to be long-term investments so paying a little more for a durable one is alright. The most durable of filing Cupboards are the ones made of steel as they can withstand harsh climates and endure heavy-weights. This is what makes them popular in commercial places. Many filing Cupboards even have special coats of paint to make them more durable.
  • Security – It is obvious that a durable filing Cupboard would store important matter; this makes the security feature in the unit vital. Different filing  Cupboards have different locking systems that make them ideal to store confidential information. This could include key locks, combination locks, and even electronic locks.