The introduced press brake tool storage rack is outlined to eliminate the multiple operator requirements to hold the longer, heavier tools of the today’s industries. This brake tool storage rack is fabricated from the first grade SS material and capacity to carry 200 kg per drawer. The shelves incorporated in the rack are adjustable as per the need, which also is fabricated using the SS material, making the entire construction robust and sturdier across the lifespan. The nylon dividers are used to prevent the steel to steel and tool to tool contact while stored in press brake took storage rack in India.

The design is outlined by the skilled professionals in order to keep every single tool stored in the rack truly secured through anti-tilt safety device. The devices stored in this rack are easy to carry out with the help of forklift or pallet jack that ultimately eliminates the need of the operator for the handling thereof. Assorted layouts of the Press Brake Tool Storage Rack are available to give you the widest options in the storage, whilst customization of the same is also available if needed. The use of this Press Brake Tool Storage Rack provides you an easier to manage and organize the wide variety of heavy tools at the cost-effective rates.

The benefits of our Press Brake Tool Storage Rack:

  • Fabricated using high quality SS material (powder coated)
  • Each drawer is capable to carry 200 kg weight
  • Each tool is separated in the rack by means of the nylon divider
  • The fork lift or pallet jack are used to lift the tools
  • Reduces manned requirement for the managing
  • Variable designs are available to meet your needs