The security of the weapons is substantial, we understand that and therefore have developed the cutting edge range of the weapon storage cabinet that is designed to outfit weapon storage requirement of the end user. This weapon storage cabinet manufacturer is made using the cool rolled stainless steel material to convey unmatched strength to the cabinet. The cabinet is equipped with a bi-fold door in order to make the access truly smoother and faster for the end user. The ingenious design of the cabinet, locker, drawer, and shelving unit is carried out leveraging the years of experience that keeps the weapon in the secured and ready condition, which is useful for almost any weapon storage application need and that’s what has raised its popularity in the market. All the parts of the cabinet are welded, heavy duty and promises for longer lasting performance.

Our weapon storage cabinet is available in the assorted specifications, whereas the custom made range of the same is also available at the best prices in India as well as foreign countries; our team of the manufacturer is potent and proficient to deliver you the design to make your weapon storage absolutely easy and convenient and hence we are popular among the police, army and museum segments.

The benefits of our Weapon Storage Cabinets

  • The cabinet shares excellent strength
  • The cold rolled steel makes it long lasting
  • The well-designed cabinet gives a wide space of the storage
  • The bi-fold door entitles easy access to the weapons
  • The light weight of the cabinet aids easy moving